Midheaven Synastry Aspects

Midheaven Synastry Aspects

These aspects affect the career, ambition and public life of the person whose midheaven is aspected by the other person’s planet(s). Midheaven inter-aspects are especially important for business relationships. But they are important for all kinds of relationships. If you are a very career-oriented person, consider these aspects to see how your partner can impact your work and goals. Midheaven aspects affect our lives beyond career as well. The MC shows what one aspires to. When your partner aspects your midheaven, it has an effect on your aspirations and sense of direction in life.

Midheaven to Sun. Shared ambitions and career objectives. The sun person supports the MC person in their pursuit of their goals – or opposes it. The sun’s influence in its house position is strengthened.

Midheaven to Moon. Similar aspirations. The moon person is attached to the MC person’s work and public life. May draw attention to the couple or bring their private affairs out into the open.

Midheaven to Mercury. Helpful and active. May encourage frequent change of direction in work and relationships.

Midheaven to Venus. Good for business and public relations. The Venus person can help enhance the MC person’s public image. Can attract good friends.

Midheaven to Mars. Leadership. Mars will encourage the MC person to achieve career goals – or stand in the way.

Midheaven to Jupiter. Ambition. Jupiter helps the MC person realize his or her career goals. May bring positive influences.

Midheaven to Saturn. Dedication to hard work. Saturn makes the partner work hard for everything. Success comes to the MC person through persistence and determination. Saturn gives solid support.

Midheaven to Uranus. A radical change in career objectives. Uranus can open new doors of opportunity that MC never thought of as possible. But Uranus’ erratic behavior can cause problems for MC.

Midheaven to Neptune. Idealism. Neptune may bring uncertainty to MC, causing the latter to question his or her purpose in life. Good for spiritually minded people although there is danger of deception and lack of focus.

Midheaven to Pluto. Shared love of power and control. These two will plan for world conquest. There is danger of trying to manipulate each other and others to get them out of the way.





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